Boom — Guess Who Isn’t Hesitating To Pursue Treason Charges Against Barack?!

While liberals claim that Barack Obama was a great president, we know better. Not only did he force toxic, Socialist policies onto America, he regularly violated U.S. law.

He violated our Constitutional rights, the power of the executive branch, and many immigration and criminal justice laws. Anyone with common sense would consider the man vulnerable to prosecution.

And that’s just what one top leader is promising.

Barack Obama, the President of Black America? - The New York Times

From Joe for America:

When Donald Trump was sworn in a US President, he signed an executive order, that reversed a previous order signed by Barack Obama just days before he left office that removed Dana Boente from his position behind the Attorney General as second in line.

Boente has no problem charging Barack Obama with treason saying that “no one is above the law”. Also – with his renewed authority, he now says he will bring charges against any liberals or Democrats that are working to undermine the president.

It’s widely believed that Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, is working with the Deep State in a bid to overthrow Trump’s presidency by inciting riots across America which Boente considers to be an act of domestic terrorism.

While some might scoff at the idea of a “shadow government,” it’s obvious the liberals are working hard to undermine the president. The mainstream media, along with failing democrats, are mounting campaigns to hurt him.

They have been pushing rumors and scandals that do not exist, hoping that you’ll believe them. They are twisting facts and reality to make it seem like President Trump is failing on his promises. When just the opposite is true.

Whether or not Obama is behind it, it’s largely his fault. Over the eight years of his presidency, he empowered radical liberals and activists like never before. They thought they owned this country and could drag it to hell with them.

Now that a strong, outsider conservative is president, they are doing everything their power to stop him. They will fail, of course, because the American people want no part of their evil. But they will make a lot of noise while they slowly die.

But will Boente prosecute Obama? You just wait and see. As Trump makes more progress undoing his damage, we might just see investigations open up over the corruption and dishonesty of the last administration.

Heads just might start to roll.

Source: Joe For America

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