WHOA! They Just Got Charged With Stealing American Secrets And Sending Them To…

Even though we live in a global community, our country still has its secrets.

From military intelligence to government agendas it is important that the United States protects its people and society. The information we have can mean the difference between life and death.

This is also true for the many companies that do business in America. What they develop can help our economy thrive and create many new jobs. But if patented secrets are lost to other countries they can undermine us and rob companies of business.

That’s just what happened, thanks to six people in Houston.

From Daily Caller:

Six technology experts working for a global engineering firm in Houston were charged with stealing trade secrets and sending them to a Chinese manufacturing company, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

The unnamed Chinese company reportedly used the stolen technology to sell products back into the U.S. at “significantly reduced prices,” according to the court documents. The tech in question is “syntactic foam,” a buoyancy agent used in submarines, oil exploration, aerospace, and “stealth technology.”

Federal agents arrested Shan Shi, 52, after raiding his Houston home Tuesday. He was allegedly hired as a consultant by the Chinese manufacturer to set up a company to push marine buoyancy technology.

Three other American citizens were also charged, along with Canadian citizen Kui Bo, 40, and Gang Liu, 31, a Chinese national with permanent resident status.

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This is sadly a common thing. Factories in China have been making cheap knockoffs of American products for years. Because they didn’t have to invest in developing the product, they can sell it at a reduced price.

American companies—the ones that spent millions in development—cannot compete and lose business.

But for the conspiracy to go this deep is shocking. For a Chinese company to send people here as spies appears unprecedented. The amount of information they could have stolen might have bankrupted many companies.

Which begs the question: who else? Who else is stealing American patents and secrets for their own benefit? How many more companies are losing business and money because China and other nations have moles?

This might only be the beginning.

Source: Daily Caller

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