Uh-Oh: Detained Muslim Makes Stunning Confession About Trump…Liberals Lose It! [Watch]

Liberals are in such a bubble over Trump’s executive orders this weekend, they can’t even see when their claims have no evidence. Are Trump supporters racist? Evidence says no. Is Trump’s order an actual ‘Muslim ban’? Evidence says no, again.

Of course, all those claims require liberals to actually study something, and read up on it. So it’s not likely that they’ll see that they’re wrong, in real time. Sometimes, though, leftist idiocy is exposed as soon as it’s spoken. And it’s a joy to watch.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…the detained Muslim who likes Trump. And who said so, live, to a liberal idiot who clearly wasn’t expecting his answer.

The context here is one of the many deranged and desperate protests held around the US by poorly-educated idiots who don’t understand the basics of national security. JFK airport saw quite a few of them. And one, Democratic Representative Nydia Velazquez, was in full-on self-promotion mode as she used the ready-made audience to promote herself by bashing President Trump.

It just didn’t go the way she wanted.

After roughly 20 hours, one of the detainees was released. His name was Hameed Khalid Darweesh, and he’s an interpreter for the US in Iraq. And he, like Chris Kyle’s Johnny Walker, loves Trump.

And he said so, live and on air. It really doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

Twitter exploded – predictably, and memes of Velazquez quickly spread around the internet. But as entertaining as it all was, the lesson was lost on Velazquez, who didn’t seem to get that even people who are supposedly ‘suffering’ under Trump love him for what he is doing. Immigrants from the Middle East understand what is going on, and they, more than anyone, support the president. America is special, and needs to be protected.

Conservatives get it. Iraqi translators get it. The general public gets it. Hell, pretty much everyone except liberals get it, and even when it’s made clear, to their face that they’re wrong, they still turn around, make a face, and carry on with lies. They won’t change, or think, or be reasoned with.

But, hey – at least they’re still good for a laugh.

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