Massive: Democrats Humiliated Over Shocking Global Scandal…Trump Says I Told You So!

Everyone reading this already knows global warming is a fraud.

It’s simple enough, really – the science just isn’t there. The temperature logs don’t show significant change.

Ice isn’t melting at the poles the way that any scientists claim. And conservatives know this, all of it. Because – to be perfectly blunt and honest about it – we understand the science.

If you listen to a liberal, though, we’re all idiots. We should just shut up and listen to the scientists.

So we did. And he agrees with us. Democrats, get ready to eat every ignorant and stupid scientifically illiterate claim.

Conservative Tribune reports: “a high-level whistleblower at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently disclosed that the organization published falsified data in a 2015 climate change report to influence world leaders who met at the United Nations climate conference in Paris in the same year.

John Bates, a top NOAA scientist, said in an interview with the U.K. Daily Mail that the agency violated its integrity when it claimed that a slowdown in global warming since 1998 never existed and that world temperatures had been increasing faster than scientists expected.”

Well. That’s interesting.

Let’s sum up – you’ve probably seen articles going around on Facebook that sound the alarm. World temperatures increasing even faster than expected!

We’re not lying about this! We’re the New York Times!

Image result for john bates NOAA scientist

It’s a lie. The data wasn’t real. I believe the phrase we’re looking for is ‘fake news.’

Before the Left tries to discredit this guy, let’s be clear – John Bates is a top-notch climate scientist. He was the head of the National Climactic Data Center right up to 2016.

It’s the kind of environment where scientists can’t survive unless they believe global warming is absolute fact.

For Bates to make this sort of statement…well, let’s just say he wouldn’t dare unless the evidence is firmly on his side.

Image result for john bates NOAA scientist

And it is. “The scientist said he objected to the report because of the faulty data, but that his objections were overridden by his superiors in what he described as a ‘blatant attempt to intensify the impact’ of the report.

The slowdown was revealed in 2013 by U.N. scientists who noted that from 1998 to 2014 there was no significant rise in global average temperatures.”

Read that again. No significant rise in global average temperatures.

Oops. Guess all that political pressure was due to something else that keeps rising at an unexpected rate. But they’ll never be a shortage of liberal bullsh*t.

Source: Conservative Tribune




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