Canada Shocks Liberals World-Wide By Banning Anti-Sharia…

The standard thug tactic for the Left is this: control what people say and think by saying that anything liberals disagree with is offensive. Then ban anything offensive.

It’s a good tactic. It works, too. And it makes it hard for Conservatives to speak out.

Of course, there’s always a way it can backfire…like, say, when fundamentalist Muslims are offended by – wait for it – a Gay Pride float. Because then the libs have to choose who to offend. And they have to pick someone.

And Canada may have picked wrong.

Breitbart reports:

The western Canadian city of Vancouver has banned an “anti-Sharia” float at this year’s pride parade saying that the sentiment expressed by the Middle Eastern men behind it is “Islamophobic”.

The float, run by a gay activist group of Middle Eastern origin men and transgenders, took part in the Vancouver pride parade. The activists applied for a place in this year’s parade but were denied by organizers, who told them that the float could be seen as “culturally insensitive.”

I love everything about this.

It’s not every day that you see two liberal causes come crashing into each other. They can’t support the gay pride float without offending Muslims. They can’t support Muslims without offending homosexuals.

For once, libs are going to have to offend someone that isn’t a conservative. It’s just perfect.

But humor aside, it’s also dangerous. Because the moment free expression is squashed, you can bet that a person or people are getting too powerful.

And in Vancouver, it looks like that power belongs to the Left, and to Islamic lobbying.

Vancouver defended the move saying: “Many women choose to wear burkas. It’s part of their identity, their religion and their culture,” but added: “Of course, there are places where it’s enforced.”

Muslims claimed the float was “offensive: I definitely wanted to be sensitive to what is happening in our communities right now.”

Never mind, of course, that the people on the float are – seriously – Iranian. They’re from the Middle East, they grew up in Islamic countries, and they’re homosexual. They faced danger like you or I couldn’t imagine.

And yet, they can’t ride their float in Vancouver. Because the Canadian Left, just like the American Left, loves freedom of expression…until you offend a European, or an actor, or a lib professor. Or a Muslim.

These men have lived their entire lives waiting for a country free enough to let them join a parade, as gay men. And now they can’t.

Source: Breitbart

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