Americans Strike Back At ‘Big Brother’ — They’re Taking Congress Down?!

You’ve probably heard what happened yesterday.

The US government voted on a really, really suspicious-looking piece of legislation: the right for big companies to buy and evaluate your internet search history. Without your consent.

Which, to be fair, sounds truly, madly, deeply bad.

The Hill reports:

Internet users are fighting back after Congress voted to block Obama-era internet privacy protections.

Two fundraising campaigns have so far raised more than $215,000 to purchase and reveal lawmakers’ browsing histories.

Actor Misha Collins, the star of television show “Supernatural,” has raised more than $63,000 on his GoFundMe page. More than 3,000 people have donated to the page, which has a goal of $500 million.

Another activist from Tennessee has raised more than $152,000 from more than 9,800 people.

Now I don’t doubt that you, like me, want to cheer – at first – when you see average citizens giving money to make politicians suffer the results of their own stupid laws.

But let’s bring this down to earth just a little – first of all, 63 grand is well, well short of 500 million. I mean, really, really short. This GoFundMe is going to need several years to reach its goal at this rate.

Second, pretty much everyone is misinterpreting the law.

Even if the law is as terrible as it sounds – and that’s a big ‘even’ – it would only allow for the sale of your history from the point of the law’s passage.

Meaning, essentially, if the law is passed tomorrow, April 1st, only the history you have from April 1st on will be for sale.

Which means that both GoFundMe campaigns are completely useless, since they won’t be able to purchase the browsing histories of any Congressmen prior to April 1st.

But that’s only if the law is as bad as it sounds…and it’s not.

[An FCC enforcer] told the newspaper that most internet service providers would cover up this information, under their privacy policies.

If they did sell any individual’s personal data in violation of those policies, a state attorney general could take the ISPs to court.

In short, your privacy is still protected by that most American of protections – the lawsuit.

Trump’s eye for detail is very obvious here – we have a law that sounds bad, but isn’t, and he’s signing it, no matter how many celebrities are furious.

Truly, a good president.

Source: The Hill

(ISIS must be destroyed.)

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