If Democrats Have Their Way, THIS Is What The Rest Of America Will Look Like..

It’s a shocking irony that the very worst parts of the United States are run by democrats.

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump as president, protests and even riots broke out around American. Where? In the largest cities like New York and Los Angeles, places where democrats hold sway.

These are cities in many cases that have been dominated by liberal politics for years and they just so happen to be suffering from high crime rates, poor standards for education, and a dearth of good jobs.

In fact in some of the largest liberal cities, people are leaving in droves, because of rising costs of living and few opportunities.

This is because liberal policies do not foster prosperity, but big government, bloated spending and debt, and a population that is dependent on government handouts — not a population that is thriving because of their hard work and character.

But you will find no better example of democratic failure than in Detroit, MI. A city that has been under democratic control for over 30 years, it is virtually a war zone of poverty, crime, and misery.

Driving through Detroit at night.

Posted by NateTalksToYou on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

From Conservative Tribune:

People meandering about at all hours of the night, prostitutes soliciting money from drivers on the street, cops patrolling every corner, the homeless burning fires to stay warm and fights constantly breaking out like it’s a boxing ring — these are just a few of the sights you might see any night in Detroit, Michigan…

Frightening, is it not? Yet these are the consequences of of Detroit having been ruled by Democrat mayors since Jan. 2, 1962, when Democrat Jerome Cavanagh stepped into office and began leading the city toward what would be the most stunning decline in American history…

According to The Heritage Foundation, bad fiscal management by Democrats — “(u)naffordable borrowing, state grant schemes, raising taxes and deferring public pension contributions rather than cutting city spending” — slowly depleted the city of all its resources, leading it to declare bankruptcy four years ago and power was placed in the hands of a city manager appointed by the Republican governor.

Even culturally, the city fell backwards, as noted by Townhall, which pointed to the city’s first black mayor, Coleman Young, having driven out whites via his Al Sharpton-like rhetoric and tactics.

Likewise, crime kept growing courtesy of the city’s “dramatically underfunded and completely incompetent” police department, spurring middle class blacks to begin departing as well.

Detroit is now the butt of many jokes, the city you refer to when talking about the economic decline of the United States.

Thanks to the reckless policies of an unrestrained Democratic Party, the city is utterly bankrupt, devoid of real jobs, a strong police force, or economic opportunity.

The liberal agenda is to make the poor and working classes dependent on the government through food stamps, Welfare, government housing and now health care.

This situation prevents people from seeking opportunity for themselves and creates a massive tax burden on the rest of the population.

What can the middle and upper classes do but flee a city or state that punishes them in such way, leading to the deprivation of more jobs and money.

If you think this is just a Detroit problem think again. Cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco and more are facing similar economic and social catastrophes. Without sensible reform from conservative leaders, these cities will face the same implosion Detroit has.

What’s the solution? Sound conservative reform that brings power and responsibility back to the people.

In addition to cutting government programs and spending, local police must be empowered to crack down on crime. Businesses must be encouraged to come back into the city, with tax cuts and other incentives.

And of course, parents must be able to get a good education for their kids.

For instance, according to a report three years ago from Michigan Capitol Confidential, a publication of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, even by then more and more families in poverty were pushing their children toward charter schools, hoping that a superior, non-government education could boost their children’s chances for success.

They were right. A study by Mathematica Policy Research cited in 2014 by Forbes magazine revealed that “charter school attendance was associated with an increase in maximum annual earnings between ages 23 and 25 of $2,347 – about 12.7 percent higher than for comparable students who attended a traditional high school.”

It’s no surprise that when citizens have control over their lives, they prosper. But when the government gets involved, disaster always follows.

Perhaps there is hope. Maybe President Trump’s intentions on helping hard-hit cities like Detroit and Chicago can turn these places around.

His promise to bring back jobs and provide educational options from children will certainly help.

That is, as long as democratic leadership doesn’t stand in the way.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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