Look What’s About To Become A Hate Crime! Finally!

Hate crime laws are especially powerful.

Because of the nature of the attack, those convicted face worse penalties. Other laws that prevent robbery or assault bring with them swift punishment.

But if someone is found guilty of attacking a person because of their race, sexuality, etc., the criminal could face serious jail time.

It is a strong deterrent against the worst kind of crimes. And if one lawmaker gets his way, a new group will be added to hate crime lists.

A lone Blue Lives Matter supporter holds a sign outside the Federal Courthouse before the Federal court hearing of former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager in Charleston, South Carolina May 2, 2017. REUTERS/Randall Hill

From The Daily Caller:

If lawmakers get on board with proposed state legislation, attacking a police officer may soon be a hate crime in Alabama.

This week Alabama Rep. John Rogers asked the state House to pass a new law identifying police officers as a “protected group” so that those who attack them can be prosecuted more severely.

“It is a hate crime because it attacks a certain class of individuals: police officers,” Rogers said to WBRC Fox6 in Birmingham.

According to the FBI, a hate crime is a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.”

The status of protected classes is limited at the federal level, but allows room for each state to create additional protected classes in accordance with their laws. Rogers’ proposition would make police officers a protected class in Alabama.

Cops have faced a lot of hate and violence in recent years. Far more than we’ve seen in the past. This is largely due to racial activists turning regular Americans against the men and women who protect them.

Adding police officers to the list of protected groups will ensure that people who attack them will face strict penalties. Police put their lives on the line for every one of us. Shouldn’t they receive the utmost protection?

Yet even with this law, there are groups who will still hate cops. Even liberal politicians take the side of criminals and wrongdoers over police. With hate crime protections in place, cops will still face mountains of danger.

It’s up to all of us to set a new trend of respect and consideration for our men and women in blue.

Source: Daily Caller

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